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welcome to the elate :)

We're a creative platform, initiated by the students of The Bishop's Co-Ed School, Kalyani Nagar, Pune.

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While starting out with the creation of Elate, I remember trying to find a name which perfectly emulated the spirit of what we wished to do with this platform. There had been a few suggestions already, such as ‘The Bishop’s Gazette’, or ‘The Times of Bishop’s’, but none of them seemed to fit. I tried, desperately, to explain to people what I wanted, through the use of various means - a single word, a word which might be similar to ‘stimulate’, something which makes people feel something. Unfortunately, a ‘word which makes people feel something’ is not a phrase very easy to understand. Finally, having given up, one night, I resorted to looking up synonyms of the word ‘stimulate’. This led me to ‘excite’, which led me to ‘exhilarate’, and finally, to the word ‘elate’. I said it over and over to myself in various sentences. “Please send in entries for the Elate!” “I’m a part of the team behind Elate” “Oh no, my submission deadline for the Elate was yesterday!” It fit perfectly. Its exact meaning was ‘to make (someone) ecstatically happy’.

Which, is exactly what we’d wanted this platform to do. To arouse emotions of happiness, fascination, and inspiration. And so, the journey began. We put together a team of 26 people, specializing in various aspects required for Elate. We designed a logo, decided upon a color palette, formulated a (fairly inaccurate) timeline - and we loved every minute of it. At a time when we were all stuck at home due to the pandemic, this new exciting venture became a pillar of support for us. We’d have ideas constantly buzzing around in our heads - ideas for the Instagram page, ideas for expanding its scope, ideas for its look and feel. One of the highlights of the process was when one of our team members said “ ‘elate’ has become more of a noun than a verb for me, at this point”.

As you explore the first ever version of The Bishop’s KLN Elate, we do hope it brings a smile upon your face. We hope you find something worth thinking about, something you could bring up in conversation with your friends and family, something that will stay with you for a long long time. We hope for The Elate to captivate you, inspire you, and most of all, elate you :)

- Namay Jindal,


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